Shutdowns In America-How To Help During Crisis

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Friends, we are living in very trying times.

Many people are feeling very worn down, even defeated.

If you are paying attention, you already know how hard some of us have it.

Some of us are safe and secure and have all we need to ride this out. Some are hanging in there and praying that things don't fall apart. For others, things have already reached a critical point and immediate action is needed before things go from bad to worse. I'm writing about one of those cases.

For one single mother furloughed from work without the security of having a home to shelter in place, this means being without an address proves to be rather difficult. Can you Imagine being in your small car with your child and 3 animals all relying on you? That's exactly my friends situation.

We are raising these funds to provide a stable environment for mother, daughter and pets for 30 days in a Motel located in Connecticut. By paying this rent for 30 days upfront it will provide the security and peace of mind enabling her to be focused on obtaining another job in the area.

I'm trying to find this child of God the means to pull themselves out of the hole they're in and regain their footing.

A place to start.

We're Making a 30 Day Plan of Action

Here's where we are right now.

She has been sleeping in her car with her daughter in

Connecticut and now is displaced staying in Chesapeake, Virginia.

First, she needs shelter. We researched and found a room with a kitchenette

at a motel. The costs are as follows.


$ 40.00 per night

$ 300.00 per week

$1200.00 per month

Pets - 3 Cats

Monthly Medication $ 80.00

Cat Food $ 20.00 Per Month

Food-They're Vegan and Vegetarian


Storage for Furniture and All Belongings $185.00 Per Month

Fuel for Return Trip $145.00

Total $1745.00

Our Goal - Total $2,000.00

Currently, my friend is staying with my family until we can earn the funds to get her sweet little family back up to their home state. We are tending to some much needed respite care as well as preparing her vehicle to be road worthy and safe for travel.

Even if it's a small amount it will bring us closer to our goal.

Please share if you feel led. The more people who see this, the faster we can help

We realize there are many suffering right now and in need of help and we're just trying to help encourage them during this extreme and desperate time that many people can relate to.

Donating $10.00, $20.00 $30.00 TODAY is how YOU can help me them.


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