Sanhedrin to Reenact Noah's Sacrifice

This year the Sanhedrin is going to begin a conference of their Organization of 70 Nations on Wednesday, 25 September. The Organization of 70 Nations is a group that the Sanhedrin is promoting as a righteous replacement for the United Nations. The term "70 nations" comes from Genesis 10 in which seventy descendants of Noah are enumerated. The Sanhedrin also refers to the 70 nations as "Bnei Noah" which is a transliteration of the Hebrew term which means sons of Noah.

The culmination of the conference will come on Friday when the conference attendees will be invited to the Mount of Olives to witness a reenactment of the sacrifice that Noah made after exiting the ark.

The dates are significant. 25 September, 2019 is 25 Elul, 5779 on the Hebrew calendar. This date is regarded as the anniversary of the first day of creation when God created the Heavens and the Earth. Then on the sixth day, on 1 Tishri, God created man. This is celebrated as Rosh Hashanah, the head of the year, or New Year's Day on the Hebrew calendar. Noah removed the covering from the ark and looked out on 1 Tishri. But he and his family left the ark and made the sacrifice on 27 Cheshvan, that is the 27th day of the second month.

Since Noah was not Jewish, the Sanhedrin is saying that the altar must be built and the sacrifice made by a righteous gentile, that is someone who keeps the Noahide Laws. The Noahide laws are seven laws that all gentiles are required to keep. These laws, they say, were given to Adam and Noah as general precepts that are required of all mankind, except for the Jews who were given the Law of Moses.

Here is a good explanation of the Noahide laws. The last paragraph at the link is critical to those Christians who don't see a problem with the laws. The laws, as a list, are not in the Bible. They are deduced from scripture but written down in the Talmud. The Talmud is a commentary on the Old Testament written well after the destruction of the Temple in 70 A. D. and the dispersal of the Jews. The Talmud calls for the execution of any gentile who breaks one of the laws. A case could be made that all persons who believe that Jesus is the Son of God is a blasphemer and deserving of death.

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On September 25, the 5,780th anniversary of the day on which Jewish tradition holds the world was created, the Sanhedrin is holding a conference for the emerging Organization of 70 Nations. The conference will culminate in an animal sacrifice made by representatives of the nations on the Mount of Olives in which they will renew the covenant made by Noah upon leaving the Ark.

The conference will begin on Wednesday evening, September 25, the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Elul at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel and continue until Friday, September 27. Lectures and discussions will focus on the Noahide obligations incumbent upon all of mankind. Also discussed will be the universal economic, cultural, educational that should be the focus of such an organization. A major focus will also be the establishment of an international court based on Bible principles.

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