Keyble is wearable tech that lets you pay using fingerprint authentication

.."Flywallet is an Italian fintech startup, which has unveiled Keyble at CES this week. It’s a wearable device that incorporates biometric authentication capabilities allowing users to make contactless payments and use digital services."


Italy-based FinTech startup has unveiled a new wristband device for payments that features built-in biometric technology.

Dubbed the ‘Keyble’, the device was unveiled by Flywallet during this week’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show event. It features a built-in fingerprint sensor for user authentication, and is intended to enable contactless payments that can be approved with a simple fingerprint scan.

Other potential applications of the device include ticketing on public transport, opening doors via smart locks, and even accessing a car, among others.

What’s more, the device also features biometric sensors to monitor vital signs and, potentially, cardiac arrythmia. As TechRadar reports, Flywallet says it’s aiming to advance this technology to medical grade by the end of this year, which could open the door to potential medical applications of the wearable.

The device also features NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, and voice command functionality. It can be worn as a standalone bracelet, or as part of a watch strap or key fob.

The straps of the device have been made using recycled microfiber as well as apple skins, lending the device a bit of credibility with respect to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Flywallet hasn’t yet set a date for commercial launch of the Keyble, but a waiting list is open on the company’s website, and the app used to configure the device is now available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Source: TechRadar

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