FIDO Alliance Unveils I-Mark Symbol as Seal of Standards Compliance

The FIDO Alliance has launched a new website to teach consumers about the security benefits of FIDO authentication technology. The organization has also unveiled a new ‘I-Mark’ symbol that other organizations can display to indicate that their authentication procedures are compliant with the latest FIDO standards.

“FIDO standards are reaching a tipping point with widespread adoption. It’s a natural next step for us to provide consumers with a place to learn more, and to help companies implement user logins that keep personal information secure,” said FIDO Alliance Executive Director Andrew Shikiar. “When consumers see the I-Mark on the sites they use, they can be confident that they’re getting a common user experience that is easy, trusted and fully secure.”

The Alliance is hoping that the website – which can be found at loginwithFIDO.com – will further accelerate the mainstream adoption of FIDO protocols and eliminate the need for passwords. As it stands, many people still exhibit poor behavior when using passwords, largely as a matter of convenience. A FIDO survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers found that more than half (52 percent) currently use five or fewer passwords, which greatly increases their exposure in the case of a data breach.

The survey in question was conducted ahead of the launch of the new website. FIDO used the opportunity to educate respondents about FIDO authentication protocols, and the majority (71 percent) indicated that they would be more likely to trust an app or a website if they knew those channels were observing FIDO standards.

The ‘I-Mark’ logo was established to provide those reassurances. FIDO’s passwordless authentication options include biometrics and physical security keys. The Financial Action Task Force promoted FIDO protocols in its most recent Guidance on Digital Identity, while FIDO itself has published two white papers to show organizations how FIDO2 technology can help them meet Europe’s eIDAS regulations.


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