The FIDO Alliance has launched a new website to teach consumers about the security benefits of FIDO authentication technology. The organization has also unveiled a new ‘I-Mark’ symbol that other organizations can display to indicate that their authentication procedures are compliant with the latest FIDO standards.

“FIDO standards are reaching a tipping point with widespread adoption. It’s a natural next step for us to provide consumers with a place to learn more, and to help companies implement user logins that keep personal information secure,” said FIDO Alliance Executive Director Andrew Shikiar. “When consumers see the I-Mark on the sites they use, they can be confident that they’re getting a common user experience that is easy, trusted and fully secure.”

The Alliance is hoping that the website – which can be found at loginwithFIDO.com – will further accelerate the mainstream adoption of FIDO protocols and eliminate the need for passwords. As it stands, many people still exhibit poor behavior when using passwords, largely as a matter of convenience. A FIDO survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers found that more than half (52 percent) currently use five or fewer passwords, which greatly increases their exposure in the case of a data breach.

The survey in question was conducted ahead of the launch of the new website. FIDO used the opportunity to educate respondents about FIDO authentication protocols, and the majority (71 percent) indicated that they would be more likely to trust an app or a website if they knew those channels were observing FIDO standards.

The ‘I-Mark’ logo was established to provide those reassurances. FIDO’s passwordless authentication options include biometrics and physical security keys. The Financial Action Task Force promoted FIDO protocols in its most recent Guidance on Digital Identity, while FIDO itself has published two white papers to show organizations how FIDO2 technology can help them meet Europe’s eIDAS regulations.


Updated: Apr 30

Friends, we are living in very trying times.

Many people are feeling very worn down, even defeated.

If you are paying attention, you already know how hard some of us have it.

Some of us are safe and secure and have all we need to ride this out. Some are hanging in there and praying that things don't fall apart. For others, things have already reached a critical point and immediate action is needed before things go from bad to worse. I'm writing about one of those cases.

For one single mother furloughed from work without the security of having a home to shelter in place, this means being without an address proves to be rather difficult. Can you Imagine being in your small car with your child and 3 animals all relying on you? That's exactly my friends situation.

We are raising these funds to provide a stable environment for mother, daughter and pets for 30 days in a Motel located in Connecticut. By paying this rent for 30 days upfront it will provide the security and peace of mind enabling her to be focused on obtaining another job in the area.

I'm trying to find this child of God the means to pull themselves out of the hole they're in and regain their footing.

A place to start.

We're Making a 30 Day Plan of Action

Here's where we are right now.

She has been sleeping in her car with her daughter in

Connecticut and now is displaced staying in Chesapeake, Virginia.

First, she needs shelter. We researched and found a room with a kitchenette

at a motel. The costs are as follows.


$ 40.00 per night

$ 300.00 per week

$1200.00 per month

Pets - 3 Cats

Monthly Medication $ 80.00

Cat Food $ 20.00 Per Month

Food-They're Vegan and Vegetarian


Storage for Furniture and All Belongings $185.00 Per Month

Fuel for Return Trip $145.00

Total $1745.00

Our Goal - Total $2,000.00

Currently, my friend is staying with my family until we can earn the funds to get her sweet little family back up to their home state. We are tending to some much needed respite care as well as preparing her vehicle to be road worthy and safe for travel.

Even if it's a small amount it will bring us closer to our goal.

Please share if you feel led. The more people who see this, the faster we can help

We realize there are many suffering right now and in need of help and we're just trying to help encourage them during this extreme and desperate time that many people can relate to.

Donating $10.00, $20.00 $30.00 TODAY is how YOU can help me them.


According to Revelation 13:16-18 a time is coming when in order to buy or sell, that is to carry on commerce of any sort, a person will need to be marked with the name or the number of the name of the Beast, also referred to as the Antichrist. The number of the Beast is six hundred and sixty six. The mystery of this number has made this is one of the most well known passages in the Bible. Even people who have never opened the Bible know the number 666.

Bear with me while I continue to set the background for this story. Most people know the name Microsoft. They are the largest software company in world. They are best known for the Windows operating system, but have a large number of technology products.

On 26 March 2020 a Microsoft patent was published on WIPO. WIPO stands for "World Intellectual Property Organization." It is a specialized agency of the United Nations that protects intellectual property of all sorts across international borders. Microsoft has a huge number of patents. They patent everything that their engineers develop. The first thing that catches the eye about this particular patent is the publication number, WO/2020/060606. "WO" means that this is a patent covered by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 2020 is the year. The unique identifier is 060606. YouTube user Steve Fletcher 222 explains all of this very well in the video below.

A further word of explanation about what this patent does:

This should be considered a brief overview of what this patent does and I am not a cryptocurrency expert by any means. If someone purchases a product or service using a blockchain-based cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, it is necessary for the transfer of the currency to be validated. This is done using long strings of letters and numbers referred to as keys. The process of verifying the users' keys is called "mining." Mining uses a large amount of computational power to solve a complex problem to validate the transaction. This patent, however, cuts out the current mining process and instead validates the transaction by instructing the user to perform a task. A sensor, apparently inside the user's body, measures the body's activity related to the task. The sensor communicates the body measurement (biometric) to a personal device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) which then communicates the information to the cryptocurrency system. As I said, a very brief overview of a very complex system. The important thing to understand is that the financial transaction is validated by a person's biometrics.

Many nations' central banks have created or are talking seriously about creating their own digital currency. These are digital versions of fiat currency. Looking at this patent and considering all of the talk about replacing the current monetary system that uses physical fiat currency with a global blockchain based digital currency, it is not hard to imagine a time in the near future when a person will be compelled to use a biometric system to validate all of their financial activity using a global digital currency.

I know it is a long stretch to go from a number assigned to a patent to the mark of the beast. But there is a saying; "There are no coincidences." All that is required is a global leader, claiming to be god, to step in and command that all must participate in the system and take his mark. Events are moving very quickly. Keep awake and watch!