The Sign of the Cross

Through Satan Tammuz was represented by the letter T - the first letter in his name.  This then became a worldwide symbol for sun worship.  There were even human sacrifices to the devil on crosses and this was centuries before Jesus was born.  


When the generals went into battle they offered thousands of sacrifices to the devil.  Alexander the Great crucified over 10,000 people on crosses to the devil to celebrate his victory.  When the Catholic missionaries went to South America they were amazed that the sun worshipping natives had crosses.  These peoples knew nothing about Christianity but they had the crosses as they were  the sign of Tammuz-the Sun god.


When Jesus was crucified it looked as if the Sun god was victorious over the true God. Jesus, finally died upon the symbol of sun worship.  In order to show that his system of worship was superior to that of God's and to show his supremacy Satan heaped the supreme insult upon Christ by crucifying Him upon the cross, the symbol of sun worship.


On that Friday afternoon, the sun was darkened. God placed His hand over the sun while Christ hung upon the cross. Now, the blackening of the sun by God's hand was not just an incidental thing. It had some significance to it. There was a reason why that sun was darkened. You see, that sun to the heathen was the symbol of the Devil or Sun God. So God placed His hand over the sun to show that He controlled the sun. God said, "That is as far as you can go." God darkened the sun to prove He was the creator and had power over these things!



Do you know why Jesus came forth from the tomb before daybreak on that Sunday morning? 


On the first day of the week men would be worshiping at sunrise  the Sun, or the Devil, while Jesus Christ would be in the tomb.  . Now, to make sure of his victim, the devil had the tomb of Jesus Christ sealed with a seal. Do you know what the name of that seal was? It is called the Roman seal, but in Latin the name was "SINGLEM-SOLIS," which in Latan means, "The seal of the sun." So on that tomb of Jesus Christ they placed "Singlem-solis" the seal of the sun god, and the Devil thought he had his victim there to stay. He sealed Him with the seal of the sun.


But on the first day of the week, it was revealed before daylight just who was superior. Christ rested in His tomb as the Sabbath passed on. He knew that sun worshippers everywhere the moment the sun rose would worship Satan. But before the rising of the Sun, when the stone is still in place something happens.  So in John 20:1 it says He came forth "while it was yet dark." 


There were principalities and powers there that morning, but Christ triumphed over them! And Jesus Christ was out of that tomb when the sun rose, and the Devil was not worshipped while Christ lay in His tomb. Christ's victory was over the grave, and principalities, and everything that Satan stood for.  It had been Satan's plan to make the first day of the week-the pagan day of the sun-a triumphant celebration over the defeat and death of Jesus. But he lost that opportunity when Christ burst the power of the tomb before those heathen worshipers could gather to have their sun-day ceremonies. God did not allow them to triumph over the death of His Son. Satan had failed in his efforts to exalt the pagan day of sun worship. 

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